Our QSC speaker systems are regularly used for weddings and parties as they are simple to install and we have a varied selection from small 8″ for speeches and announcements to larger 12″ with subwoofers for DJs and bands.

Our installation services are discreet and reliable so do contact us if you are looking for ….

  • Wedding speeches & announcements
  • Background music 
  • Band PA
  • DJ PA
Wedding in tent with speakers
Wedding marquee with speakers

Sound Equipment Hire

Sound equipment hired for wedding

We have a large selection of sound equipment available for wedding and party hire.  We understand the spirit of celebration, and we are here to make your wedding or party stand out with our high quality equipment. Kent Sound & Vision can can supply you with equipment, with delivery and installation services, or just pick up, for the plug and play speakers and lighting.

If you are hosting an event with a DJ, our plug & play sound systems are perfect.

Sound and public address systems for hire

Whether you’re planning an intimate wedding reception or a grand party don’t let poor audio quality dull your celebration, our QSC sound systems are designed to deliver crystal clear sound to make every moment memorable.